Monday, February 29, 2016

New post, Tai Zi Heen review

Use to have this gastronomical dream of being a food blogger when I started this blog. Then it became a funny mishmash of random posts and now it's a hodgepodge of sorts.

For it to be a food blog, I lack the food;
for it to be a fashion blog, I lack the patience to have ootd and potd uploaded frequently;
for it to be a thinking and sophisticated blog, I lack the flow of eloquence.
Basically it just means I lack the conviction and discipline to make this a one minded blog.
So you're left with.... me being me here... Hehe...

On another totally different note, went to eat at Tai Zi Heen yesterday. Heard all about it being one of the top 5 halal dim sum establishments in KL. Was so hyped up and excited over the experience of trying a new place that I actually glided over to the place. To give them credit, Pullman Hotel KL looks pretty nice inside, which was to be expected as after all, it is a 4 stars hotel. The same couldn't be said for their parking lot though, it looks dirty and dark, a place where monsters lurk at night... *brrrr* And the parking rate was RM7 flat rate if you dine in.

They have a choice of about 45 dishes separated into different categories of appetizers(cold dish), hot from the wok, fried dim sums, steamed dim sums, and desserts. At first glance, it wasn't that much of a choice but hey, quality over quantity right? But nope. TZH failed in both aspect. Don't know whether it's because we're like the acting connoisseur of food or it is really due to the big letdown by TZH. The dim sum tasted like things made using instant or canned/tinned ingredients, with the flour or starch more overpowering than the meat used. Have tasted much better ones at normal dim sum joints not even in hotel. The only thing I likes was the stir fried chicken. Yup. At a dim sum place, that dish was the saving feature.Am usually not that cruel with reviews yet TZH really dealt us a real blow.  We didn't order repeat of any of the dish. That would be how I'd describe this place. No second chance.
Food- 1.5/5 stars
Service- 4/5
Ambience- 3.5/5
Price- 2.5/5

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